Drawing CrossMatchNet

crossmatching network of transplant patients

Motivated by the problems we found out about during our contacts with patients with renal disease, those who go on dialysis or are at the waiting list for a transplantation, we came up with an idea how to help the greater number, ones despite having a cure, they don’t have one. We have established this almost for all, from the youngest to the oldest age. The same rule was applicable for all patients equally.

Starting from the ten years old patient- child who urgently needed liver transplant to the older gentleman who urgently needed kidney transplant. Both had their own donors, but unfortunately were not compatible. We came across with many such and similar cases during our conversations with the patients and they originated from all parts of Macedonia.

By exploring this problem more broadly in the region, we realize that the patients from neighboring countries have same problem: Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania and Bulgaria.

This was enough encouragement FOR US to begin with creating a database, which will be composed of voluntarily registered patients, having problems with kidney or liver, have their own donor, but is not compatible for them.

The only solution for all is to find an appropriate pair for them to get a transplant.

The more patients and their donors will leave their own data, the more likely is to find a suitable pair for a larger number of patients by cross matching. This method of cross between patients from different pairs is known as CROSSMATCHING.

Our database of patients will be used to form an ideal network for easier finding compatible pairs for patients for transplantation.

This network is starting to build and to spread with corresponding pairs of Macedonia, Serbia, Montenegro, Bosnia and Herzegovina, Kosovo, Albania, Kosovo, Bulgaria.